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(Not so) Random Acts of Kindness in East Lothian (and beyond)

Love the idea of carrying out Random Acts of Kindness but stuck for ideas?  An A-Z of Guerrilla Kindness might look something like this: Action for Happiness – @actionhappiness helps people take practical action for a happier and more caring world. And guess what? Being kind makes you happy. Bus Shelters – Bus shelters are the…
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February 17, 2018 0

April #EastLothianHour – Kindness, Coffee and Guerrilla Happiness

For this month’s #EastLothianHour, we are going to discuss intentional, anonymous acts of kindness performed in playful, creative ways for strangers. So what does this actually mean? If you give someone £2 for a cup of coffee, that’s a nice, decent thing to do. If you campaign for fair trade coffee, that’s activism (there a…
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February 26, 2016 0