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Viridor plant to benefit from tech boost

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Valmet has signed an agreement with Babcock & Wilcox Vølund A/S to supply automation technology for the new Dunbar energy recovery facility (EFR). Advanced automation solutions will make it possible to efficiently control the renewable energy recovery process and to manage plant operations.

Once in operation in late 2017, the Dunbar ERF will have a capacity to treat approximately 300,000 tons of waste per year. It will generate 30 megawatts (MW) of base-load renewable energy directly to the grid, enough to continuously power 39,000 homes. Additionally, the plant will offer up to 10 MW of heat for local use.

The plant investment is in line with the Scottish Government’s ambition to deliver zero waste, encourage waste reduction, boost recycling and recover vital renewable energy.

Babcock & Wilcox Vølund provides the technology for the Dunbar EFR and is responsible for its engineering, procurement and construction. The plant will be operated and maintained by Viridor, one of Europe’s major waste management companies.


Petition: Please provide your residents with better recycle bins

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The following petition has been set up by Tranent resident @Tracey_Binnie :

Letter to
East Lothian Council
To whom it may concern,

The current recycle bins with ‘shower cap’ lids provided to residents simply aren’t fit for purpose. Not only are they quite small which means we need more than one box, the lids are of terrible quality and need replacing far too often. Residents are fed up with having to weigh boxes down as best we can so they don’t fly off in high winds and we are also fed up with streets being littered should recycling day coincide with windy weather. As I type this, I can already hear the odd can and plastic bottle that’s escaped someone’s bin being blown along the pavement.

This petition proposes that East Lothian Council provides the people of East Lothian with wheelie bins to replace the dreaded recycle boxes. Not only do they offer a much sturdier, safer and cleaner alternative to the boxes, the extra capacity of wheelie bins means less need for households to have several smaller boxes taking up precious garden space. A better collection system would also encourage people to recycle more. Many Scottish councils have issued their residents with wheelie bins to great effect, so it would be great if East Lothian Council could do the same.

Find out about East Lothian’s Council’s arrangements for recycling here