April #EastLothianHour: Books!

Taking part in #EastLothianHour on Twitter is a great way to share information (and discover things!) about our great county.
The theme for March is Literature, Learning & Libraries and will be hosted by @PLHSLibrary
Join in the fun on
Thursday 17th March
from 7p.m. until 8p.m.
The timetable for #EastLothianHour is as follows:
7pm – 7.05
Introductions! (Who are you and where are you?)
Q1– What are you reading and how did you select the book?
(put A1 in your answer and #EastLothianHour)
7.20 – 7.40
Q2– When you were at school, what was your view of the school library?
(put A2 in your answer and #EastLothianHour)
Q3– Do you know school libraries have changed?
(put A3 in your answer and #EastLothianHour)
Q4– Have you visited any branch of East Lothian Libraries recently? If not why not?
(put A4 in your answer and #EastLothianHour)
Q5 – To allow us to compile a list ‘East Lothian Reads’ what is your favourite book? (Just one)
(put A5 in your answer and #EastLothianHour)
To take part, answer the questions (A1, A2 etc) and put #EastLothianHour in your tweets.
Don’t worry if you come in late, make a mistake, or want to chat generally, it’s informal and we would LOVE you take part.

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