Women of East Lothian

In Prestonpans, immediately to the east of Northfield House is a passageway that connects Preston Road to Mid Road.  A modern sign simply reads “Northfield” but, in days gone by, according to Peter McNeill’s  Prestonpans and Vicinity, the lane was known as ‘Katie Herrin’s Close’ (“from the fact that a very old woman of that name lived and died there“).

It is one of the very few streets in East Lothian named after a woman.  Where are the others?

Oliphant Gardens in Wallyford, is named after the novelist and historical writer Margaret Oliphant.  Haddington’s Carlyle Court honours Jane Welsh Carlyle (irritatingly oft referred to as “wife of Thomas Carlyle” but actually considered to be an important feminist writer in her own right, though her works were not published during her lifetime).

Memorial depicting Jackie Crookston, one of twelve local people killed in the so-called 'Massacre of Tranent' in 1797, when colliery workers resisted conscription under the Militia Act of that year.People are advised not to blink while near these statue's as they are suspected weeping angels.(Kim Traynor)David Annand‘s statue of Jackie Crookston beating her drum  by her side is an arresting sight in Tranent town centre.

Where in East Lothian, are the statues, gardens, buildings and streets named after women?