Why didn’t you Retweet me?

The answer to this could be several things….

1) You didn’t ask me to.

Despite never having asked me to retweet information, some people will still complain that I am “ignoring” them.

2) I did.

It’s easy to see if I have already retweeted something, just expand the tweet.  Do this before asking me to retweet something or complaining that I am ignoring you.

3) I didn’t see the tweet.

Bear with me while I try to explain how I find the info I retweet.  It may be a little different to the way you use Twitter.

Search function

I’m not a bot.  I don’t use code.  The majority of the information I retweet comes from searching keywords (placenames) on Twitter (If you think it’s easy, try searching ‘Dunbar‘ and see how many results you get that are relevant to East Lothian).

So, although I might catch a tweet mentioning Musselburgh, I’m not so good at spotting “Mussy High Street is on fire” which is why I use my timeline as well.


A smaller number of retweets come from my timeline.  I follow a mix of people to give a flavour of what’s happening all over East Lothian (with possibly a disproportionate number of people from Dunbar because of the problems associated with searching on Dunbar as mentioned above).


I don’t follow everyone who follows me but, if they’re East Lothian folks, I add them to a list and keep an eye on it.  A few retweets come from this list.


I don’t tend to actively seek out information beyond Twitter but I share anything relevant that comes my way.  It’s all in the public domain – I don’t have any special privileges!

4) I can’t!

It’s worth pointing out that if your account is private, I won’t be able to see your tweets (unless you’ve allowed me to follow you).  And, irrespective of whether I am following you or not, tweets from private accounts cannot be retweeted.

Twitter is about sharing so enter into the spirit of things by taking off the padlock!

5) I don’t want to.

a) I’m not going to retweet info related to the Independence Referendum.  I couldn’t be sure I was giving equal coverage to both sides.

b) Musselburgh High Street isn’t really on fire – I know when I’m being pranked, kids.

c) I don’t retweet expletive-laden tweets, no matter how f*****g lovely the view in your photograph.

I aim to share positive, uplifting news and photographs about the county of East Lothian for the benefit of residents, local businesses and visitors alike. The emphasis is on sustainable living, kindness and activism.

I hope this helps.  Keep sharing your East Lothian news, photos and reviews with @lothianloop