Main Issues Report Consultation

The consultation period for the Main Issues Report ends on the 8th February.

Even if you have never completed a council survey in the past or have no real interest in local governance, this is a chance to make your views heard and perhaps change what will be in the next local plan.

If you do nothing else, please consider answering Question 3 (it won’t take long!) which is about the proposal  to built 10,000 much needed homes over the next 10 years.

The preferred option is for “compact growth” i.e. the proposed 10 000 homes will all be built in a concentrated area, in this case, the west of East Lothian, with 4700 planned for Musselburgh.

The alternative option is “dispersed growth” i.e. to spread the 10,000 homes throughout the county.

Which option do you prefer?