The Batch Lady visits Fenton Barns Nursery

With over 60,000 social media followers and a recently signed two book deal with Harper Collins, The Batch Lady (aka Suzanne Mulholland) is the cooking sensation of the year and, on Wednesday 12th June, Fenton Barns Nursery, near North Berwick, was lucky enough to play host to her first ever East Lothian demonstration.

Admired for the simplicity of her recipes, her ease in front of an audience and for helping to lower the kitchen stress levels of busy people, Suzanne’s invaluable cooking videos and demonstrations are loved by thousands – soon to be millions!

Suzanne says:

“Life is a constant juggle. My batch recipes, videos and demonstrations are all about reducing hassle, giving people some valuable time back, unburdening their mental load, helping to save them money and, let’s never forget, giving them healthy and wholesome recipe ideas that the whole family will enjoy.

“Fenton Barns Nursery was the perfect venue for my first East Lothian demonstration because they, like me, embrace the ethos of producing fresh and wholesome meals using, wherever possible, quality local produce.

“I showed attendees how to cook over a dozen family meals in just one hour and I am sure that many of them will now find the daily task of putting dinner on the table far less stressful!”

Caroline Freeman, co-owner of Fenton Barns Nursery, said:

“I thoroughly enjoyed Suzanne’s demonstrations. She worked with our own cook, Sam, to develop recipes perfect for busy families. All of our parents work very hard and so to help take a little hassle out of their lives is an amazing thing. I also love how Suzanne’s recipes chime with our own values of giving children healthy home-cooked meals in order to feed both their bodies and their minds.

“We were lucky to have played host to this unique demonstration and wish Suzanne all the best when her book comes out – perhaps one of the recipes from last night will feature!”

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