#AskAFarmer Tuesday 1st October 7 pm. – 8 pm.

East Lothian is characterised by its undulating land and yellow fields of oilseed rape. It has some of the highest quality farmland in Scotland giving rise to nicknames such as the ‘Garden County’ and ‘Scotland’s breadbasket’.

But how much do its residents know about modern farming?

Much of agriculture is a mystery to those not involved in the sector, which is bizarre given that without farmers, we would all be hungry, naked and sober!

The aim of #AskAFarmer Twitter Hour on Tuesday, 1st October (7 pm. – 8 pm.) is for the non-farming public to have their questions answered by local experts.

It is also an opportunity for farmers to share helpful information.

Who knows, we may smash some stereotypes, find some common ground and come up with great ideas?!

How to join in:

Non-farmers: Just tweet @lothianloop your question using the hashtag #AskAFarmer.

Farmers: feel free to answer any question. We would especially like you to tell us more about you, and what you really would like the public/non-farmers to know. What messages just aren’t getting through? Now’s your chance to explain on a personal level. Remember to add #AskAFarmer

All: If you can’t take part on the night or would prefer to ask a question anonymously then DM @lothianloop or email admin@lothianloop.com

Can’t wait? Want more information? Here are some links to interesting resources:

The Royal Highland Education Trust (RHET) works with volunteers to provide free educational activities and experiential learning opportunities linked to Curriculum for Excellence.

The Soils of the Country Around Haddington and Eyemouth (pdf)

Map of Farm type by agricultural parish (pdf)

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