Mindfulness: the key to business success?

Small Business Owners are no longer missing out on the benefits of Mindfulness in the workplace! Geraldine McCullagh, a small business owner and a Mindfulness teacher in East Lothian has created a bespoke four-week ‘Mindfulness for Small Business Owners’ course. It is specifically tailored towards small business owners and will teach them how they can implement Mindfulness techniques so that their business can also flourish. Research shows that Mindfulness offered to staff members in large organisations helps them to improve their productivity and cope better with stress & anxiety. This course provides the perfect opportunity for small business owners to now also benefit from Mindfulness teachings.

Geraldine, owner of Me-Time Therapies for 23 years said: “My business has really thrived in the past 3 years as a result of implementing easy Mindfulness techniques into my working day. I now wish to share this with other small business owners so they too can reap the benefits.”

“As small business owners, we can often get too caught up in our minds with negative thinking and beat ourselves up too much. This is where Mindfulness comes in. This bespoke course I have created is designed to help others become more aware of their limiting beliefs and their own negative chatter in order to make life easier for them.”

Geraldine welcomes other small business owners to join her on her specially designed 4-week course this March. It will give business owners the opportunity to connect with each other, share experiences and support each other in their businesses and on their Mindfulness journey.

The Four-week ‘Mindfulness for Business Owners’ course is only £125. The Mindfulness course will start Tuesday 10th March and end on Tuesday 31st March. Classes will run from 7 pm to 9 pm at the Fisherrow Community Centre, Musselburgh, East Lothian.

For further information please go to www.me-time-therapy.co.uk

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