End of Salmon and Sea Trout Fishing Season Around the Forth

This Message is Distributed on Behalf of the Forth District Salmon and Fishery Board

The 31st October 2020 marks the end of the salmon and sea trout fishing season around the Forth. The fishing season will reopen on the 1st February 2021.

Fishing for migratory species after the 31st October is a criminal offence and Board bailiffs will be patrolling rivers throughout the Forth during this period.

We cannot be everywhere at all times so If you spot someone fishing for salmon or sea trout in a river around the Forth during the closed season, please contact the Forth District Salmon Fishery Board bailiffs and/or the police.

Contact details:-

Lee Fisher, Superintendent Bailiff – 07887 835549
Police Scotland – 101
River Tyne/Esk Bailiffs – 07736 466725

Please report as much information as possible when calling in. The below is a guide as to some of the information which might be useful:

Location (grid reference if possible)
Time and date of incident
Any observations
What have you seen them do,
Description of individual,
License plate
Anything else you might think useful or worth noting
Any pictures or video taken of the incident

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