East Lothian charity faces up to Covid-19 mental health challenges

Covid-19 has had an impact on all of us in one way or another. For those working in the field of mental health, with face-to-face meetings on hold for nearly a year, it has required a new and different way of working. East Lothian mental health charity, CHANGES have devised a training course called CHAT (Crisis Handling Awareness Training), delivered online, around crisis care and suicide prevention.

“CHAT is a course designed to train people to help others through an immediate crisis. It does this by looking at how best to negotiate a way through the crisis. We also look at what people can do to help in the very specific circumstances where there is a suicide risk. Its been running very successfully since December. We’re delighted to announce that, with the financial support from the Health and Social Care Partnership, we’ll be continuing CHAT into the new financial year.” (Brian Glass, CHANGES Trainer)

As part of CHANGES evaluation of the course, the organisers were asked to obtain feedback from those doing the training. It has been very positive.

Peter said: “…probably one of the best online trainings I have taken part in… I found the course materials to be excellent”.

Claire said that she had called upon her training when faced with someone who was suicidal: “…without the training I would not have approached them… I was able to help and be confident in knowing that what I was doing would help”.

This training is free to any individual living or working in East Lothian as the Health Social Care Partnership are funding a number of these courses each year. It is also available commercially for any organisation wishing to put frontline staff through the training.

For details of the courses and dates and times contact CHANGES on info@changeschp.org.uk or 0131 653 3977.

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