Scottish Food & Drink Fortnight is a nationwide event which supports and promotes Scotland’s produce and the people who grow, make, cook and sell it. Once again, the Fortnight is encouraging the great Scottish public to take part by changing just one thing (#onethingfortnight) about how much Scottish food and drink they buy and eat.

This year’s celebration will take place between Saturday 2nd September to Sunday 17th September 2017 inclusive, and we would love everyone across Scotland, of all ages, to join in to champion Scotland’s delicious larder and change one thing (#onethingfortnight) for 2017.

Tying in with the Year of History, Heritage and Archaeology, Scottish Food & Drink Fortnight is profiling the following daily food themes and asking everyone, to simply change one thing (#onethingfortnight):

Sat 2nd Sept Picnic Sun 10th Sept Weekend lunch
Sun 3rd Sept Afternoon tea Mon 11th Sept Coffee break
Mon 4th Sept Office meeting Tues 12th Sept Breakfast
Tues 5th Sept Packed lunch Wed 13th Sept Family meal
Wed 6th Sept TV dinner Thurs 14th Sept Street food
Thurs 7th Sept Sport snack Fri 15th Sept BBQ
Fri 8th Sept Children’s party Sat 16th Sept Fine dining
Sat 9th Sept Drinks party Sun 17th Sept Brunch

Fiona Richmond, Head of Regional Food, said:

“Using the daily themes as inspiration, we are searching the archives for historical recipes and asking chefs to provide us with recipes that offer their own modern take on a theme. We will be sharing these recipes, old and new, with the public, alongside other fascinating and delicious hints, tips and facts about Scottish food and drink.

“All the while, we’ll asking people to make use of these ideas to change ‘#onethingfortnight’ about the way in which they interact with Scottish produce. For example, an office worker may switch to Scotch Beef or Scottish Salmon in their daily sandwich; families may seek out Scottish labels on food and drink at the supermarket or visit their local butcher or baker – the possibilities are endless.

“Just one change can make a huge difference, so please do get involved and let us know what you are doing to support the Fortnight. We’ll be offering a prize at the end of the Fortnight to the person we deem to have been the most dedicated supporter of the campaign on social media and who has best embraced the #onethingfortnight ethos. Journalists and bloggers will also be in the running for their own prize if they show their support!”

Scottish Food & Drink Fortnight 2017 will be officially launched at the start of September at an event in Glasgow at which more detail will be unveiled.


Scottish Food & Drink Fortnight highlights the abundance of quality food and drink available in Scotland, some of the best in the world, and encourages people to discover, appreciate and enjoy it.
There are many things you can do to help the campaign come to life. Here are some ideas:

  • Try a new Scottish product and share what you tried on social media using the hashtags #scotfoodfort and #onethingfortnight
  • Look to see if there’s just one thing you could change on your weekly shopping list that would benefit the Scottish food and drink industry at the same time and share with #onethingfortnight
  • Celebrate your local farmer or fishermen by visiting your local butcher or fishmonger
  • Attend one of the dozens of foodie events taking place throughout the country over coming weeks
  • Ask your local café or restaurant if they can use more Scottish produce on their menu

Remember, we are simply asking you to select just one thing (#onethingfortnight) that you can do this year which will make a positive contribution towards the Scottish food and drink industry.

Then simply share your #onethingfortnight experiences, activities and photos with us on social media, or via email, or with the media, so that we can all celebrate Scottish food and drink together. Email and join the conversation on Twitter using #scotfoodfort and #onethingfortnight.

Scottish Food & Drink Fortnight 2017 will be officially launched at the start of September at an event in Glasgow at which more detail about the themes will be unveiled. To receive updates, please email

Further information about the Fortnight can be obtained from or by emailing

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