New office hub opens between Longniddry and Haddington

A new office hub, accommodating lone workers and businesses of up to eight people, has now opened between Haddington and Longniddry.

Wheatrig Business Hub, located two miles from Longniddry and four and a half miles from Haddington, has transformed a historic farm building, with stunning views and a peaceful location, into a modern office hub with rentable desks and private office spaces, a communal kitchen/diner as well as showering facilities and free parking.

The Hub offers the perfect environment for office work: comfortable surroundings, total connectivity, social interaction when required and, as long as is needed, social distancing in place. The development could be the ideal solution for someone not planning on returning to corporate high rises but unable to contemplate a future that involves staying at home for the majority of the day.

Outside the building, there is empty space to take a break and take in the fresh air and when it’s time to go home there is the prospect of easy travel without the queues.

Owners, Anna and William Thomson, said:

“Working from your spare room or dining room table is, as thousands will attest, far from easy. Whilst fine in the short term, as a long-term solution home working has its drawbacks: domestic life can cause distractions, technology is not always reliable, and loneliness has been identified as a real issue over recent months.

“A study by TotalJobs in August 2020 found that 67 per cent of workers felt that working from home during lockdown negatively affected the variety of their social interactions. Similarly, 52 per cent of UK workers rely on the workplace socially.

“Surely not much could be more inspiring than sitting at your desk and looking out over the rolling countryside? Wheatrig Business Hub is offering East Lothian and East Edinburgh residents just that – the opportunity to work close to home but without distractions and with added views!

“People have realised that they don’t need to be in a bland city centre office in order to be productive and that a lunchtime walk (or even a swim!) is far more conducive to achievement. “Without doubt, the physical environment here is truly inspiring, hopefully encouraging people to be creative, let their minds wander and truly enjoy the experience of work.”

To find out more, or book a visit, simply email: or message via Facebook – Wheatrig Business Hub or Instagram @wheatrigbusiness

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