‘Poetry in oor Ain Scots Tounge’

Poet Peter M Mcculloch has recently self-published his fourth book this one, of Scots verse.
Peter describes ‘Poetry in oor Ain Scots Tounge‘ as “some a bit of fun and creative and perhaps a wee bit poignant.  Others a touch of rustic.”
Frae pipe bands, tae talkin’ yowes,
Tae ferm hands, wae horse an plough,
Tae schuil days, frosty an cauld,
Frae a meenister wi lost property frae his Fauld.
Peter has been reading his verses to schoolchildren in the county, most recently at Compass School Haddington.
Poetry in oor Ain Scots Tounge‘ is on sale in Kesley’s bookshop Haddington priced £7.99

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