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Poverty Safari

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People from deprived communities all around Britain feel misunderstood and unheard. Darren McGarvey aka Loki (@lokiscottishrap) gives voice to their feelings and concerns, and the anger that is spilling over.  Anger he says we will have to get used to, unless things change.

He invites you to come on a safari of sorts. A Poverty Safari. But not the sort where the indigenous population is surveyed from a safe distance for a time, before the window on the community closes and everyone gradually forgets about it.

POVERTY SAFARI (2017_08_16 14_17_37 UTC)

I know the hustle and bustle of high-rise life, the dark and dirty stairwells, the temperamental elevators that smell like urine and wet dog fur, the grumpy concierge, the apprehension you feel as you enter or leave the building, especially at night. I know that sense of being cut off from the world, despite having such a wonderful view of it through a window in the sky; that feeling of isolation, despite being surrounded by hundreds of other people above, below and either side of you. But most of all, I understand the sense that you are invisible, despite the fact that your community can be seen for miles around and is one of the most prominent features of the city skyline.

The above is an extract from povertysafari.wordpress.com

You can order copies direct from publisher Luath Press here or you can join the Lothian Loop book ring and receive a loan copy in the post – there will be a wait and you will be responsible for getting it to the next person in the queue (£1.22 by Royal Mail large letter).  If you’re interested, drop me an email: admin@lothianloop.com

Where’s the book headed next?

1 – H – EH39

2 – S – EH32


STRANDED: The Whales at Thorntonloch in 1950

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A new book on a major event in East Lothian’s history is now for sale.

The book STRANDED: The whales at Thorntonloch in 1950. The stories of the people how were there by Dr James E Herring has been published by Dunbar and District History Society. In the book, there is a chapter on press reports of the stranding of 147 whales at Thorntonloch in May 1950 and this is followed by chapters based on interviews with 30 people from all over East Lothian and elsewhere who went to see the whales.

James Herring told LothianLoop “My neighbour tweeted the book’s publication and it was re-tweeted by LothianLoop and others, so I’m hoping that more people will follow these examples. All the profits from the book go to Dunbar and District History Society and none to me. The profits will help fund a future project on Dunbar’s outdoor pools and beaches in the 1950s”. A key aspect of the book is looking at this environmental disaster as a social event. Dr Herring explained “Hundreds of people came to see the whales over a weekend in May 1950 and the interviews I did tell us much about society in Britain in 1950. For example, some interviewees walked or cycled to Thorntonloch as very few people had a car at that time and many people could not afford the bus fare. Also, only a very small number of people had cameras in 1950, so few photographs of the event survive, although I was given some photographs by local people and they are in the book, along with press photographs. At the time of the event, there were no mobile phones or Internet and people heard of the event by word of mouth – not by text or Tweet or via a Facebook posting”.

Dr Herring on Thorntonloch Beach where the whales stranded

Dr Herring on Thorntonloch Beach where the whales stranded

The book’s publication was made possible by a grant from Community Windpower via its BeGreen office in Dunbar. The book is on sale at BeGreen’s office, the Town House and other outlets in Dunbar. The book is also available online at https://whalesbook.wordpress.com and Dr Herring would like LothianLoop followers to send this link far and wide.







April #EastLothianHour: Books!

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Taking part in #EastLothianHour on Twitter is a great way to share information (and discover things!) about our great county.
The theme for March is Literature, Learning & Libraries and will be hosted by @PLHSLibrary
Join in the fun on
Thursday 17th March
from 7p.m. until 8p.m.
The timetable for #EastLothianHour is as follows:
7pm – 7.05
Introductions! (Who are you and where are you?)
Q1– What are you reading and how did you select the book?
(put A1 in your answer and #EastLothianHour)
7.20 – 7.40
Q2– When you were at school, what was your view of the school library?
(put A2 in your answer and #EastLothianHour)
Q3– Do you know school libraries have changed?
(put A3 in your answer and #EastLothianHour)
Q4– Have you visited any branch of East Lothian Libraries recently? If not why not?
(put A4 in your answer and #EastLothianHour)
Q5 – To allow us to compile a list ‘East Lothian Reads’ what is your favourite book? (Just one)
(put A5 in your answer and #EastLothianHour)
To take part, answer the questions (A1, A2 etc) and put #EastLothianHour in your tweets.
Don’t worry if you come in late, make a mistake, or want to chat generally, it’s informal and we would LOVE you take part.