Between Earth and Sky

2 August – 24 September 2023

This joint exhibition presents drawings, paintings and ceramic sculptures by Emily Ingrey-Counter, Nye Hughes and Simon Griffiths. All three are specialist wildlife artists and members of the SWLA (Society of Wildlife Artists). Emily and Nye are both based in Edinburgh and draw much inspiration from their local environment in the Lothians and on the East coast of Scotland. Emily creates fresh and energetic drawings of the natural world through direct and immediate mark-making. Most of her work is created outdoors capturing fleeting moments through her use of mixed media (mostly pastels, ink, charcoal and paint). Nye is an artist and designer who first came to Scotland to study and never left. The main focus of his artwork is the remarkable ecology of the Scottish coast and islands and the wildlife and plants that inhabit them. In this exhibition, he presents watercolour paintings created on locations along the East Lothian coast, the Bass Rock and the Isle of May. Simon is based in County Durham. He captures in ceramics the wildlife that surrounds him in the north Pennines and along the East Coast. His work is full of movement and texture that successfully evoke the presence of the animals he depicts.

Summer opening hours: Wednesday to Sunday, 10 am-5 pm, free entry.

About the SOC: The SOC is a charity promoting the study, protection and enjoyment of wild birds in Scotland. As part of its activities, the SOC presents a programme of art exhibitions throughout the year focused on wildlife and nature. It is one of the top venues for wildlife art in the UK.

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