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Parliamentarians meet local farming representatives

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Iain Gray MSP and Martin Whitfield MP have met with local representatives of the National Farmers’ Union Scotland (NFUS) for any update on topical issues, including the potential implications of Brexit for farmers in East Lothian.

The county politicians met with Willie Thomson and Kelvin Pate at Wheatrig Farm. One of the matters discussed was Steps for Change, NFU Scotland’s discussion document on the need for a new agricultural policy for Scotland ahead of Brexit.

Speaking after the visit Iain Gray MSP said:

Farming remains a crucial part of East Lothian’s economy and I try and have regular meetings with local farmers’ representatives. NFU Scotland does a fantastic job representing farmers and standing up for rural interests and it was good to catch up with Willie and Kelvin.

This meeting was an opportunity to discuss a number of important factors which are set to affect farming here and across Scotland, not least the uncertainty around Brexit. The Steps for Change discussion document highlights a range of important issues NFUS feels are necessary for developing a bold Scottish agricultural policy for the future.”

Martin Whitfield MP said:

East Lothian’s agricultural sector is such an important part of the local economy and jobs. The sector currently faces many challenges, including adapting to life outside the European Union, and I was pleased to meet with Willie and Kelvin to talk about some of these issues.

Nearly two years on from the vote to exit the EU, many important questions remain unclear. NFUS has been proactive in ensuring the voice of farmers is heard and they are at the forefront of shaping the future of the agricultural sector. I will continue to listen to their concerns and speak up for the sector’s interests in parliament.”

URGENT: Special Landscape Area Consultation

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East Lothian Council is carrying out a review of its landscapes with a view to designating Special Landscape Areas. These landscapes will then be given protection through the policies of the East Lothian Local Development Plan.

This is your opportunity to suggest beauty spots, natural places, viewpoints and landscapes that you consider special or have particular importance, to be considered for designation as Special Landscape Areas.

This important consultation closes on Sunday 1st March!

You can submit your suggestions via a short survey which include the following questions:

Where do you think the best views in East Lothian are?

Which areas of East Lothian do you think are special and why?

You will be able to upload up to three supporting photographs or other documents (Word, JPEG, bitmap or PDF files only).

There is an additional question: Are there any areas that need landscape improvement, and what would need to be done to improve the landscape/area? (included for reference – no improvements are planned).

You can also email photographs and other documents to landscape@eastlothian.gov.uk