2021 Schedule

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Jan 4 – @Rlt1591 – Hello! My name is Rebecca! Love East Lothian and all it has to offer. I live in Prestonpans with my husband, baby girl and dog Gino!Apr 5 – @LesleyScott_NB – I’m Lesley living in North Berwick I am passionate about conservation of heritage and wildlife in beautiful East Lothian.

Jul 5 – @MrsFantoosh – Mammie and artist, who loves to share arty workshops for wellbeing and mental health, for both the tall and small.Oct 4
Jan 11 – @davidleemedia – A curious person who loves to be outdoors, especially on a beachApr 12 – @ladystardust31 – I’m a music loving, crafty, baby boomer originally from Edinburgh, but have lived in Musselburgh for 25 years.Jul 12 – @natashasculpts – Hi I’m Natasha Phoenix and I’m an artist based outside of Gifford. Follow me on East Lothian Voices this week for some interactive art. 
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Oct 11
Jan 18 – @BecsPringle – Hello! I’m Rebecca, I live in Musselburgh and work in Strategy for the Council. I live with my two cats and enjoy swimming in the seaApr 19 – @_SusieRose – Susie Rose is a charity communications professional from Musselburgh who loves to explore on foot or by train, bus or bike.

Jul 19 – @HareEast – My name is Andy. I take photos of some of the fantastic wildlife in East Lothian.Oct 18
Jan 25 – @HaddCentralTRA – My name is Stuart, I live in a crumbling early Georgian maisonette with three rambunctious children and a long suffering wife, three rabbits, Boris the spider and some sea-monkeysApr 26 – @alangjbell – Involved in a variety of East Lothian Charities and love the East Lothian outdoors and a lucky stem cell recipientJul 26 – @WhifflePig – Mother of two awesome humans – wild garlic addictOct 25
Feb 1 – @martinduffy07 – Hi, my name is martin and I work as a business manager for NHS Lothian in East Lothian, married to Linda with 3 grown up children who have all flown the nestMay 3 – @MikeRodger4 – Hello, it’s me!Aug 2 – @Weezus07 – I’m Louise I am a feminist who loves politics, despite this, I’m a right good laughNov 1
Feb 8 – @Kirsty_Nicol – Historian, counsellor and crafter, surviving Lockdown on the western edge of East LothianMay 10 – @nicolamilne109 – Vegetarian/vegan family who enjoy spending time outdoors and having fun.


Aug 9 – RESERVEDNov 8 – @jonnybasscadet – Father of two, musician, works to fund his music habit.
Feb 15 – @loudurhl – I’m Louise, I’m from Musselburgh and I’m a philosopher-in-training!May 17 – @eastspaceTweets – East Lothian’s online space for mental health and wellbeing informationAug 16 – @micktomted – Recovering Mandarin, Cancer Survivor, cook and Director of Scottish International Education Trust.Nov 15
Feb 22 – @dolilthings – Once upon a time ginger bird busy flitting between social enterprise, kids and the wild!May 24 – @lynda_gilroy – Hi. I’m Lynda. I love all things athleticsAug 23 – @madpat22 – Complementary therapist specialist in reflexologyNov 22
Mar 1 – @Eskmuthe – A community coastal rowing club. Rowing St Ayles Skiffs from Fisherrow Harbour in MusselburghMay 31 – @RiaDRobertson – Raised in East Lothian & now raising my own 2 children in our beautiful county.Aug 30 – @helspence – Busy working Mum of 3 – works in archaeology and heritage – not the useful sort of DrNov 29
Mar 8 – @bellsgalleries – Guidance teacher by day..Jun 7 – @Roger_Edwards – I’m @Roger_Edwards, marketing bloke, Vlogger and yoga teacher. You can often find me having a coffee at Fisherrow Harbour, one of my favourite places in the world.Sep 6 – RESERVEDDec 6 –
@Clare_MacG – Passionate about human rights and community.
Mar 15 – @mark_nicol – Ormiston living dad of two, enjoys bad jokes and 80s music. Would like the chance to write code again.

Jun 14 – @JorvikLass – Nature-loving long-distance cyclist who dabbles in Time.Sep 13Dec 13 – @ClarkComChoir – Community intergenerational choir based in Musselburgh & fundraise for local causes.
Mar 22 – @JM_Birthplace – Visitor Services Officer for East Lothian Council Museums in Dunbar.Jun 21 – @Camthebam66 – I’m the bloke from the Lanterne Rouge CafeSep 20Dec 20
Mar 29 – @rtmuirfield – Hi, I’m Michelle, Chair of East Lothian charity www.muirfieldridingtherapy.org.uk and I look forward to chatting about life at MRT!Jun 28 –@SallyAnderson16 – I’m a freelance photographerSep 27Dec 27